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How to choose Right Institution/College for Education?

Consider the Location

There are urban, suburban, and rural universities -- something for everyone. If you come from a big city, for example, do you want to try something different or do you freak out at the thought of seeing cows and fields instead of skyscrapers and concrete?


Attend university fairs held in your area to pick up more information and talk with university representatives. Consider what life is like at any given university. Most students benefit from making a list of what they are looking for in a university.

Consider the Cost

Cost is, of course, also a big deal for most people. Students do not have to rule out a university just because the cost seems astronomical. If it is your dream university, you can still apply, but be sure to fill out financial aid and studentship forms.

Consider the Size

Smaller universities boast a more intimate classroom experience, but larger universities often have a wider variety of classes and activities. Where would you thrive?

Consider Academics

A university's academics should also be high on your list of criteria. After all, getting a good education is what this is all about. You might be swayed by a university 's prestigious reputation or rankings in national magazines.


Approach the decision to pick a university as an exciting opportunity to learn all you can. Materials sent by colleges can be a valuable resource.Request all the information you want.

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