Why Home Tuition is prefarable ?

Home tuition is a unique opportunity to live and learn in the home of a professional teacher, benefiting from one-to-one personalised lessons in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Some of the benifits of home tuition are-

Time Saving

The heavy traffic in Guwahati will result into wastage of time and effort for students if they travel to the tutorial center.


In school, there are 30 to 40 sitting capacity of students in a class- room which make feel uncomfortable to some students who are low in some specific subjects, hesitate to ask questions to their teachers. While at home, in front of the home tutor they feel free to ask any questions regarding their subjects.

Relaxation while learning

Around eight hours of duration in school, children get exhaust and continuous classes of every subject make them confused regarding topics and lessons of their syllabus. When the children come home, they feel relaxation and after a long break, once again they are ready to continue their studies with their home tutor.


Some home tutors are easily available at home according to the convenience of their student’s schedule.

Increase Interest Level

A good home tutor develops interest in their students who are weak in some particular subjects. He finds different modules and methods to create involvement of students in their targeted subjects and topics.

Benifits of Home Tuition at EDU GLOBAL

Home Tutors As Per Your Requirement

We provide you tutor as per your requirement. For whatsoever the reason you may want replacement of the tutor we have provided, we do it at no extra cost.

Expert Tutors At Your Door Step

Our expert tutors will visit your home and provide private tutoring. This saves your and student's travel time. Our complete focus is on the progress of your child.

High Quality Tutoring At Affordable Price

Our pricing is simple and affordable . We have a huge team of pre-screened tutors who are well qualified for tutoring. You get high quality tutors at low price.

Better Grades And Improved Result

What is the point if the results of your child doesnot improve inspite of taking home tuition? We offer you full assuarance of better grades and improved result through our service.